Series Two

: Odyssey & Oracle : Jenn McCreary

"Does knowing how things will likely end make futile the journey? In Odyssey & Oracle, in excruciatingly brink-filled language, Jenn McCreary answers: the day the boy learns I cannot control time is tragic / for both of us... When you ask how many horror-wakings into adulthood one must threshold, she says: at one time it was different, but the birds / have since evacuated... When you throw up your hands at how she implicates you & her & you—she notes: sometimes the head resists integration / with the rest of the work... With a... more

15: A Poetic Engagement with the Chicago Manual of Style Susan Landers

"Sue's writing has always displayed the most remarkable tension, one that never gives over to easy resolution--wildness fraught with restraint & vice versa. It's that diligent feeling for risk I've always been in awe of when the bomb squad sets to work in the movies. Blue wire, red wire, freezing the timer just before the place blows. Here, with a measure of respect but no deference, she opens the shell on what I guess might seem an unlikely explosive device--the Chicago Manual of Style! From that elegant bomb she coaxes out feeling & expression with a jeweler's eye for sentence... more

Evacuations Jennifer Moxley

"All that talk about the present. Present moment, wonderful moment as the gurus like to say. Or, not. Really, what's happening now? Random thoughts about Filet Mignon, a new coat, the impending reality of peeing multiple times during the night -- and the tangents of thought that those triggers inspire. Gertrude Stein found the present in repetition -- Moxley finds it in the movement of mind. "Evacuations" is an experiment in actively thinking the present into form, written and read in a distinct prosody only Moxley can inspire." – Kristin Prevallet

Dark Season Mark Weiss

"Mark Weiss’s poetry has a way of coming into its own every few years, but always as the work of an active mind & voice thinking ahead & drawing us with him into brilliant turns & twists that allow us to see openings & connections we would never previously have imagined. Dark Season is a small book & a poem of many parts, big in every other way & worth whatever time we spend with it. The gift he offers us is truly essential."
— Jerome Rothenberg

Ancient Celebrity Tune-Rot Elizabeth Treadwell

“Elizabeth Treadwell….kicks some serious ass!”
—Quentin Tarantino