Series One


"In conversation with Jacques Derrida's grammatology, Brenda Iijima's exuberant Glossematics, Thus breaks open personal narrative to unravel the myriad global, political, biological, and economic resonances of any local event. Brimming over with a full presence of speech, the experiential world is rediscovered as constituent parts of expression expanding outwards, non-hierarchical and beyond measure. Through an acrobatic routine of polysemantic shifts, restless sonics, and rigorous rhetorical play, Iijima explores both time and perspective as palimpsistic, and thus as... more

The Truth About The World Jane Rice

Jane Rice accomplishes the transmutation of desire into fractal pink clouds and charcoal trees. Her language is both supple and acute. Like a paintbrush in the hands of a master watercolorist, she blends precision of detail with emotive and spiritual depth. Her work is in the best lyric tradition -- reminiscent of the Acmeists (Akhmatova & Mandelstam) and the ghazals of medieval Arab-Andalusia.

The Emotive Function Joanna Fuhrman

I follow Fuhrman’s lines like a curious child following an enchantress. Though I may never find my way out of her forests where the trees “smell like wet / sobbing tubas,” the menacing fancifulness of her images and the playful punning of her sounds cast a delicious spell indeed.
—Jennifer Moxley

Fifth Plateau from Pink Adrenaline Star Christina Strong

Like a 36 headed hydra the mouths of this dizzying array of poems clamor, sing, drool, screech, croon, laugh and plead for attention. Tuning into all the active ingredients of a modern pharmacopeia as if they were stations along an AM radio dial, Christina Strong delivers a syncopated sequence of static interference alternating the clear urgency of insomnia with calming analgesics and the kaleidoscopic residues of LSD with the sedating lozenges. Fifth plateau is a veritable pink volcano of adrenalin.

Instant Classic erica kaufman

"For me the unlikely comparison is Gregory Corso – Erica’s poems are a sexy pileup delivered in a rhythm which alternates kinda long with entirely long. And blam. She anoints the marble in a way that suggests she knows what Andy Warhol knew which is that an instant classic is a form of casual connoisseurship. Art is what you point out and relish with a friend while being tingly aware that everyone is listening. This small book is a paradigm-shaking slice of poetry, heady schtich, cause it’s not post post anything it all. It’s an amazing and... more

Electro þerdix Christopher Funkhouser

"Chris Funkhouser's texts - collaborations with humans, machines, and selves - corral the defenestration of meaning as this century's language hurtles towards inconceivable violence. You keep reading beneath the surface of meaning; your teeth chatter. I'm thinking of the 'Recipes' but moreso, 'then got to know down them dying,' which encapsulates this violence: "Damp the dead room of Beverly. Fast that:" There are tiny murders of worlds and words that add up. There are universes and the poem Seven with six lines, the words' first letters spelling out Maine. So in the next poem there's "... more