Michael Basinski

"This book is truly beautiful.  A dozen sound tracks coursed through my brain as I read head on into the feathered piglets.  Few books of poetry conjure the flicker of non-existent words quite like this one.  I became so deranged, that I read "take your fingers out of your month" instead of "mouth", and saw orgasms where organisms belonged.  As if the lace necklace of the ocean staining on the shoreline was undertoeing me into a sea of words from which there was no respite.  If Basinski can unpack "æèöûýòïêèöüúë" into, "fairy burrs herizones burst like muskells of waterbugs by of in deep into", is there any longer a limit to what cannot be and has never been said?  Though this small book achingly awaits a future where such communications are commonplace - even intelligible -  still, now, our lips can begin to form worlds for the turtles teaming with life out of these page foams.  Our readings splatter Basinski's pages with their own "I"s in a shotgun boogie: · ·   · "
—Jon Fernadez

Michael Basinski is the Curator of the Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo. He performs his work as a solo poet and in ensemble with BuffFluxus. Among his recent books of poetry are Learning Poem About Learning About Being A Poet (Press Board Press - 2012) and Trailers (BlazeVox - 2011). His poems and other works have appeared in many magazines including Dandelion, BoxKite, Antennae, Unbearables Magazine, Open Letter, Deluxe Rubber Chicken, First Offense, Terrible Work, Kenning, Lungfull, Tinfish, Score, Unarmed, Rampike, First Intensity, House Organ, Ferrum Wheel, End Note, Ur Vox, Damn the Caesars, Pilot, 1913, Filling Station, fhole, Public Illumination, Ecolinguistics, Western Humanities Review, Big Bridge, Vanitas, Talisman, Yellow Edenwald Field, and Poetry.