Muriel's House

Carol Mirakove

Muriel’s House is simply magnificent. I experienced it like a life flashing before my eyes—except this light sticks. It singes and sings. And oh how delightfully Mirakovian this world is! Outfitted in platform boots and purple cloaks; taking comfort in mantras, misdirection, and math; assuring us that all our heroes are alive & in love. There is no time to despair. Read this book now.
— Susan Landers

Carol Mirakove is the author of Mediated (Factory School), Occupied (Kelsey St. Press), and, with Jen Benka, 1,138 (Belladonna). She and Dutch musician bates45 released the electro-house single “temporary tattoos,” and she’s a member Collective Task. She is a certified ScrumMaster, a practitioner of Capybara and Cucumber, and lives in New York City.