Instant Classic

erica kaufman

"For me the unlikely comparison is Gregory Corso – Erica’s poems are a sexy pileup delivered in a rhythm which alternates kinda long with entirely long. And blam. She anoints the marble in a way that suggests she knows what Andy Warhol knew which is that an instant classic is a form of casual connoisseurship. Art is what you point out and relish with a friend while being tingly aware that everyone is listening. This small book is a paradigm-shaking slice of poetry, heady schtich, cause it’s not post post anything it all. It’s an amazing and certain piece of work."
—Eileen Myles

erica kaufman is the author of censory impulse (Factory School, 2009) as well as several chapbooks. Poems from the Least Weasel chapbook, INSTANT CLASSIC, can be found in Little Red Leaves & in Elective Affinities. kaufman is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center where she studies Composition and Rhetoric and its possible relationships to contemporary poetics. she lives in Brooklyn and teaches at Baruch College and Bard’s Institute for Writing & Thinking.