Brenda Iijima

"In conversation with Jacques Derrida's grammatology, Brenda Iijima's exuberant Glossematics, Thus breaks open personal narrative to unravel the myriad global, political, biological, and economic resonances of any local event. Brimming over with a full presence of speech, the experiential world is rediscovered as constituent parts of expression expanding outwards, non-hierarchical and beyond measure. Through an acrobatic routine of polysemantic shifts, restless sonics, and rigorous rhetorical play, Iijima explores both time and perspective as palimpsistic, and thus as embodied, embedded within the flesh. By apprehending somatically, as sensory impressions and memory collide in the central nervous system, Glossematics, Thus rapid fires its invocations like a raw nerve, acute and instinctual: “Wounds bring all colors into perception.” What would writing a post-human history look like? – to read Brenda is to experience a feral exclamation, an instant of bare color and movement."
—Jamie Townsend

Brenda Iijima’s books of poetry include Around Sea (2004), Animate, Inanimate Aims (2007), Subsistence Equipment (2008), Revv. You’ll—ution (2009), and If Not Metamorphic (2010). Joan Retallack writes that “Iijima’s eco-provocations have the lightness and gravitas of an improbably reconsecrated world glimpsed at its hectic, interrogatively driven conception. On the edge of loss, words have taken on direct agency.” She lives in Brooklyn where she runs Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs.

Michael Cross's review

The cover design by Karen Pava Randall incorporates a drawing by Brenda Iijima which is reproduced inside the chap.