Jennifer Moxley

"All that talk about the present. Present moment, wonderful moment as the gurus like to say. Or, not. Really, what's happening now? Random thoughts about Filet Mignon, a new coat, the impending reality of peeing multiple times during the night -- and the tangents of thought that those triggers inspire. Gertrude Stein found the present in repetition -- Moxley finds it in the movement of mind. "Evacuations" is an experiment in actively thinking the present into form, written and read in a distinct prosody only Moxley can inspire." – Kristin Prevallet

Jennifer Moxley is the author of five books of poetry: Clampdown (Flood 2009), The Line (Post-Apollo 2007), Often Capital (Flood 2005), The Sense Record (Edge 2002; Salt 2003), and Imagination Verses (Tender Buttons 1996; Salt 2003). Her memoir, The Middle Room, was published by subpress in 2007. Her translation of the French poet Anne Portugal’s Absolute bob appeared in fall of 2010 from Burning Deck. In addition, she has translated two books by the French poet Jacqueline Risset, The Translation Begins (Burning Deck 1996) and Sleep’s Powers (Ugly Duckling 2008). She works as an Associate Professor at the University of Maine. For more info on Moxley, visit: epc.buffalo.edu/authors/moxley/