Fifth Plateau from Pink Adrenaline Star

Christina Strong

Like a 36 headed hydra the mouths of this dizzying array of poems clamor, sing, drool, screech, croon, laugh and plead for attention. Tuning into all the active ingredients of a modern pharmacopeia as if they were stations along an AM radio dial, Christina Strong delivers a syncopated sequence of static interference alternating the clear urgency of insomnia with calming analgesics and the kaleidoscopic residues of LSD with the sedating lozenges. Fifth plateau is a veritable pink volcano of adrenalin.

Christina Strong (a.k.a. xtina) has work recently published and (rumored to be) forthcoming in the West Wind Review, EOAGH, and Flarf: An Anthology of Flarf. She is the author of The New York School (also available from Propolis Press) and makes things pretty for a living.

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