Poets flip my dress I follow Fuhrman’s lines like a curious child following an enchantress. to read Brenda is to experience a feral exclamation, an instant of bare color and movement.

Series One

GLOSSEMATICS, THUS by Brenda Iijima ☼ Fifth Plateau from Pink Adrenaline Star by Christina Strong ☼ The Truth About The World by Jane Rice ☼ Electro þerdix by Christopher Funkhouser ☼ The Emotive Function by Joanna Fuhrman ☼ Instant Classic by erica kaufman

Series Two

15: A Poetic Engagement with the Chicago Manual of Style by Susan Landers ☼ : Odyssey & Oracle :Jenn McCreary ☼ Evacuations by Jennifer Moxley ☼ Dark Season by Mark Weiss ☼ Bad Words to the Radio Kyle Schlesinger ☼ Ancient Celebrity Tune-Rot by Elizabeth Treadwell ☼

Series Three

A Primary Mother by Sueyeun Juliette Lee ☼ Piglittuce by Michael Basinski ☼ Cara Benson by Cara Benson ☼ Muriel's House by Carol Mirakove ☼ Og ☼ Poseida ☼ Ra-ta by Debrah Morkun and Alter§Body by Kristin Prevallet

Welcome to Least Weasel

Launched in 2011, as a subsidiary of Propolis Press, Least Weasel publishes contemporary, experimental poetry. Covers are printed letterpress in all its retro, lo-fi deliciousness. Limited editions. Hand-sewn.